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Already Over

Nothing left to lose

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Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity

Name.: Susi.
Age.: 18.
I am.: Chinese, but living in Germany.
Facts.: Bitchy. Easily bored. Ambitious. Childish. If I like you, I'll like you.

♥.: Reading&Writing Fanfictions. Music. Violin. Badminton. Books. Movies. Sleeping. Niou.

This Journal is Friends Only. DO NOT simply add me, ASK pls.

& if I'm flying solo
at least I'm flying free

♥- FANDOMS.: Prince of Tennis. Angel Sanctuary. Bleach. Death Note. D.Gray-Man. God Child. One Piece. Code:Breaker. Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Naruto. Kaori Yuki's work in general. Only the Ringfinger knows. Air Gear. 07 Ghost.

These are my main fandoms. There are others, if you're interested ask or check out my interests.

S H O N E N - A I = ♥
Look at her, she's wicked
PoT.: Rikkaidai. Hyotei. Seigaku.

♥-Characters.: Niou. Ryoma. Atobe. Fuji. Kirihara.

♥-Pairs.: Platinum Pair || NiouxYagyuu. NiouxNiou. NiouxKirihara. NiouxYukimura. FujixRyoma. AtobexRyoma.


♥-Characters.: Grimmjow. Hitsugaya. Gin. Yoruichi. Soi Fon. Kenpachi. Yumichika.

♥-Pairs.: IkkakuxYumichika. YoruichixSoi Fon.

Kaori Yuki's works.

Angel Sanctuary. & God Child.

♥-Characters.: Luzifer. Kira. Michael. Kato. Cain. Alexiel. Jezebel. Ludwig.

♥-Pairs.: LuziferxAlexiel. KiraxKato. CainxRiff

Other ♥-Characters: Zoro. Luffy. [One Piece] Allan. Lavi. General Cross. [DGM] Mukuro. Hibari. Dino. [KHR]

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